fake pee for drug test

There is some good quality synthetic urine on the market, but not all of them are suitable for a lab test. It’s easy to pass a dipstick test with any kind of fake urine, but for a lab test, you need the best quality synthetic urine. In my opinion, the best synthetic urine brands are still Sub Solution and Quick Luck and not just because of the 13 different chemicals what it contains, its because it looks and smells like real urine and because it’s super easy to use and because its incredibly easy to raise it to the correct temperature, and this is the part where most people fail.

There are some other good quality fake urine brands, but none of them comes with heat activator powder. We will talk about them later.

Best Synthetic Urine Brands: Quick Luck&Sub Solution

best synthetic urine

Like I said earlier Sub Solution and Quick Luck urine both contain all the essential chemicals to mimic real human urine and the top of them it free of certain chemicals that are present in almost every synthetic urine, but not in real urine.

This makes very easy for labs to find out what is real and what are fake urine samples.

This chemical called biocide and it’s present in most brands: Magnum, P sure, Urine luck, Monkey Whizz, Stream Klean, Ultra Pure Urine, U pass and a few more.

Urine can look like real urine, even smell like real one, it can have a nice foam on the top, it can contain urea, uric acid, and all the essential stuff if it contains biocide you will fail your test miserably, and that’s the reason why you should always go with the best synthetic urine brand instead of cheap ones.

In a lab test, urine is checked much more carefully, cheap fake urine brands like magnum just don’t cut it, not anymore, what worked 5-10 years ago probably doesn’t work anymore.

What about Quick Fix 6.2 Fake urine

Quick fix 6.1 is a good quality synthetic urine, trusted by thousands, its not as complex as sub solution, doesn’t contain all the chemicals Sub Solution does, but for most test Quick Fix will do the job, there are some special cases when the employer orders a more expensive test and the lab test the urine for several special chemicals, in these cases Quick fix might fail, but in every other case you are good to go with Quick fix. If you check out some synthetic urine reviews online, you will see that most people had great success with Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine.

Synthetic Urine Reviews on Reddit, Ebay, FaceBook, Amazon

I have mentioned already why Sub Solution and Quick Luck are the best synthetic urine brands for a lab test, but I didn’t mention about synthetic urine reviews what you can find on certain blogs. There is a lot of paid advertisement online, they look like real, legit user reviews, but most of them are paid by the advertiser. Usually, if you click on their link and you purchase something then the blog owner will get a cut from the sale. Whenever you buy something online, think it over, just use common sense and you will be most likely fine. It’s especially true for drug detox products and for synthetic urine for a drug test.

synthetic urine reviewsAmazon and eBay are also full of fake or paid synthetic urine reviews ( and other product reviews as well).

There is some websites promotion crap like Upass urine and P sure, please do not believe everything that you read, these synthetic urine brands will fail you and you will lose your job or even your freedom, just because you wanted to 10$ on Fake urine. Always go with the best fake urine brand, do not compromise!

Please also keep in mind, that having all the necessary ingredients in fake piss is not enough to pass you a test.

Even if it’s on the correct temperature, you can fail your test.

If the lab assistant to a manual inspection: check the color, foam(!) or smell of your sample and something is not fine with it, you are in big trouble. I am not saying that every lab assistant take a sniff from the urine samples, but it’s quite possible that you will give it a closer look.

If you have more questions related to drug tests, synthetic urine brands or any detox product, please feel free to comment below.