detox for a drug test

There are many ways to pass a drug test, in my opinion using detox drinks or synthetic urine are the safest and easiest, detox pills can also work, but it requires a lot of preparation, you need to alter your diet, stop smoking joints, exercise on a daily basis (the more the better) and drink as much water  during your detox as you can.

How To Pass  A Drug test If Synthetic Urine Is NOT An Option

If you are looking to detox your system permanently on a natural way, then read on:

I used to smoke a lot and this is literally from the age of 16 to about 3 months ago which I have started detoxing my system. I stopped and it only took about 6 days to remove cannabis from my body. It takes dedication and hard work but I recommend as soon as you stop to drink only water and no other drinks especially alcohol.

THC is stored in your fat cells so think about what destroys fat cells will destroy weed traces. Work out and build muscle as muscle building makes fat cells turn to muscle.

If you don’t like working out much go to a sauna in a gym and stay in there as much as possible so that you sweat and remember to drink plenty of water so you’re urinating as much as possible.

Drinking too much water isn’t safe either but that long term. It’s ok to drink a lot of water for a week or so. You can also drink water with lemon juice or with a few drops of Apple Cider vinegar, both options are super healthy. Should I mention green tea? If you like green to go for it!

Eat protein and nonfatty foods too. Drink vegetable shakes or eats them. Doing all this for the week should at least lower the weed trace amount to the national test standards. Doing this for another week should eliminate weed out the system to almost undetectable at all.

So just remember to eat healthily, drink water a lot, and most importantly sweat! Also, a big factor would be your body type. I have 20% fat or so in my body which helps remove weed a lot quicker. If your fat is much higher, the detox will take longer.

So yeah, that’s it, it’s not easy, but possible, if you can get some good quality detox pill like toxin rid then you can speed up the cleansing process significantly. Honestly, I think doing natural detox is kinda useless, it takes forever, your chances to pass the test are not so good (because what work for some might not work for others) and after the test, you will start smoking weed again, Am I right? If yes, then what’s the point of suffering for weeks?

Mark my word, if its a simple urine drug test (unsupervised) then get a bottle of Sub Solution or Quick Fix synthetic urine and you will pass that test 100% guaranteed. Read the tips&tricks on how to hide synthetic urine, how to smuggle it into the testing room and how to keep it on body temperature and you are guaranteed to pass your urine test.

How to detox marijuana

Few Words About Marijuana Cleansing Drinks

ps: If you decide to use detox drinks, then choose something high quality like mega clean or Qcarbo and make sure you stop smoking weed/using drugs in the last 48 hours before the test, its essential to clean your system as much as possible, one joint 24 hours before the test and you can surely say goodbye for your job. Some people think cleansing drinks are 100% safe. It’s not the case, the smaller the amount of THC and other toxins in your system, the bigger your chance is to pass the test. For very heavy smokers it’s probably not a good idea to use cleansing drinks and certainly not recommended to go down on the detox route. Always go with synthetic urine, unless it’s a supervised test.

If the test is supervised, and you are forced to use detox drinks, then take start natural detox as fast as you can, and support your detox with pills. Let’s say you have 4 days before the test. In the morning order, a bottle of detox drink+ a course a toxin rid pills. It should arrive on the next day, continue your natural detox and start taking Toxin Rid. A good 2-3 days of pre-cleanse routine would give your detox a big boost and the detox drink will most likely succeed in masking the remaining toxins.