Ultra Eliminex review

There are many detox drinks that you can use to pass a urine drug test. I would say only 4-5 are safe to use, the rest are just sugary drinks with some added vitamins and artificial colors. Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex is one of the most popular detox drink on the market and according to some rumors, Ultra Eliminex is the strongest one on the market, its recommended for heavy smokers and for people with the large body with high-fat percentage. In this Ultra Elimine review, I will tell you about my experience using this detox solution and will also tell you what are those brands that can be good alternatives and also those that you should avoid.

Detox Drinks I would Not Recommend For A Drug Test

Like I said there are so many brands on the market, most of them are well marketed, well designed and they have fancy websites and positive reviews, if you use some common sense yo will see these reviews are too good to be true.

If 100% of the reviews are all positive that means only one thing, stay away from them. I haven’t tried any of these on real-life drug tests, but I know some who did some of these brands and they failed miserably, I also got some for free (because I would never pay for crap like that) and I tested them with home drug test (they all failed the test), the brands you should avoid are:

  1. Stinger Detox
  2. Magnum Detox
  3. Chump Flush Out Detox
  4. Qcarbo32
  5. Total Eclipse Detox
  6. Rescue Detox

I wouldn’t recommend using any of these detox drinks, none of them are reliable and they have a horrible track record.

How To Use Ultra Eliminex

Ultra Eliminex instructions are simple, shake the bottle for a few minutes and drink it in 30 mints, do not chug it down, drink it steadily in 25-30 minutes. After its finished try to urinate a minimum two times, but three times is better. Do not refill the bottle and do not drink too much extra water. Most detox drinks require a lot of extra water, but Ultra Eliminex doesn’t so keep this in mind. You should drink it 2 hours before the test, after but if you have 1 hours only, that’s also good.

does Ultra Eliminex work

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

Yes, Ultra Eliminex does work, I have used it twice and it worked both times. The last time I used it was 2018 November, if it worked last year I am sure it will work in 2019 and also in 2020, it’s a good reliable brand and I would recommend it for anyone.

Please keep this in mind that its recommended for people with large body mass and for heavy smokers, you might think the stronger is always the better but in this case, it’s not true. If you are a small guy and not a frequent smoker, you should stick to something lighter, because these strong detox drinks are made exactly for heavy people. Lighter detox drinks are also cheaper so do not waste money if it’s not necessary.

Other Recommended Detox Drink Brands

I want to finish this Ultra Eliminex review that yes it works, and its really good stuff, I would recommend it for anyone who is facing with a supervised drug test, however, if the test is unsupervised, synthetic urine is probably a better and safer option. It doesn’t require preparation and if you choose a good brand like Sub Solution or Quick Luck it’s virtually guaranteed to pass the test.

If for any reason you are not comfortable using synthetic urine and Ultra Eliminex is too expensive, I would recommend Clear Choice rescue Cleanse 32 Oz. It’s also a great detox drink brand and 25$ cheaper than Ultra Eliminex.